Earth Charter Announces New Campaign

Earth Charter International launched a crowdfunding campaign at the end of April to raise money for scholarships for future young leaders. Earth Charter International (ECI) is a nonprofit that’s based out of Costa Rica but reaches all over the world. ECI is made up of a founding document, an education center that offers classes online and in-person, and the global movement working to connect like-minded people.            

Medcom Benefit Solutions has been an Earth Charter partner since the beginning of 2020. Since becoming a partner Medcom has been working within the company and within the community to exude the Earth Charter principles.

The crowdfunding campaign is raising money for scholarships for future young leaders to take the Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics course from Earth Charter Education Center. The 10-week, online, facilitated course brings together students from all regions of the world, who are able to discuss the content of the course and problem-solve together. Once the course is completed, students between the ages of 18 and 30 are invited to become Earth Charter Young Leaders (ECYL).

After becoming an ECYL, their role in the Earth Charter is to develop sustainability projects in their area of the world, co-facilitate online courses, curate articles for the Earth Charter site, host workshops and webinars, and much more! ECYLs help propel the Earth Charter forward into the future.

Through the crowdfunding campaign, ECI wants to do whatever they can to help future ECYLs take the LSE course and give them all the tools needed to make a difference in their lives and in their communities.

EmmaEmma, (pictured left) is a great example of a Young Leader. She’s been interning with ECI and facilitating webinars that they’ve been hosting. Check out the campaign to learn more about her and her involvement.

The intention of the campaign is to allow young people, like Emma, to take the LSE course, who might not have been able to without a scholarship.

ECI is asking for your help to keep engaging and empowering young people to get involved and create a better tomorrow. Any contribution helps with this cause and is greatly appreciated.