Health Advocate

Health Advocate

Health Advocate, the nation’s leading health and navigation company, makes healthcare easier by offering a level of personalized support your clients won’t find anywhere else. 

Employees and eligible family members have UNLIMITED ACCESS to experienced Personal Health Advocates – experts who can resolve a wide range of time-consuming issues on their behalf and get them to the right care at the right time. Saving everyone time, money, and worry.

Medcom offers professional CDHP administration for a variety of FSA, HSA, and HRA plan designs. Our plans continue to provide all the perks and benefits, from mobile capabilities to 24/7 online portal access, but now include additional ENHANCED BENEFITS to help participants navigate the complicated healthcare system.

Additional Solutions for Your Clients:

  • Clarify Benefits
  • Answer FSA, HSA, & HRA Questions
  • Find In-Network Providers
  • Make Appointments
  • Explain medical Conditions
  • Research Medical Claims
  • Resolve Billing Issues
  • Negotiate with Providers

Our partnership reduces stress, increases employer satisfaction, and improves employee health! To learn more about our newly added enhanced benefits, reach out to

To learn more about Health Advocate, visit their website: