Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting Small Businesses

In Celebration of National Giving Day this past Tuesday, Medcom wants to put a spotlight on some local businesses that are important to us. We all want to get our Christmas shopping done early, so knock it out by shopping small! Medcom Benefit Solutions is based in Jacksonville, Florida, but we are highlighting businesses that you are able to support online! 

  • Spruce is a new business coming to the Murray Hill area of Jacksonville! This new 'Plant Bar', will not only serve Beer and Wine but also Coffee and Plants. Murray Hill is a neighborhood just north of the Riverside area. Their website and business are still in the early stages but check out the site and look for it next time you're in the area! Murray Hill is considered an 'up-and-coming' neighborhood with multiple new businesses opening during the pandemic. Huey's Nashville Hot Chicken also opened recently and I would highly recommend it.


  • Joyfull is a Jacksonville-based business that focuses on sustainable products and will even deliver them to your door! So it's eco-friendly and socially distant! Their website has a wide variety of sustainable home products like laundry detergent, soap, refillable containers, and they even have an online thrift shop where you can purchase second-hand items. Joyfull especially focuses on the idea of offering refills for products so that you don't have to purchase the same plastic container over and over again. Right now they're offering free shipping on orders over $30! Check it out!


  • Kathy’s Table offers healthy, gluten-free prepared meals for pickup or delivery. Kathy's Table makes prepared meals to fit many different diets. Kathy is a personal trainer and started the business as a way to make healthy food more accessible and portable. They deliver the meals for a small fee. They also have three locations that you can pick up from including Riverside, Jacksonville Beach, and Southside so a lot of places in the city are already close-by. Kathy's Table has also been taking the pandemic very seriously and following all the recommended CDC guidelines.


  • Wolf & Cub is a locally-owned boutique in Downtown Jacksonville. They offer clothes for men and women, handcrafted jewelry, and home items. They often carry products made and crafted by local artists. Emily Moody-Rosete co-owns the boutique with her husband, Varick Rosete. Moody-Rosete told the Florida Times-Union that “—many small businesses received little-to-no government funding, including ours.” All the more reason to shop at locally owned businesses! You can shop on their website or shop socially-distanced during their reduced pandemic hours, which are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This year has been tough on all of us, but especially our small businesses. If you are able, get out and show your support this holiday season. Medcom is thankful for all those small businesses that keep our community growing and thriving!