Open Enrollment Help When You Need It

Open Enrollment Help When You Need It

Medcom Benefits Solutions brings even more to the table with our new Open Enrollment marketing program. This email specific program puts together the pieces for you and your employees. We know how busy and overwhelming Open Enrollment season can be and how easy it is for important things to end up on the back burner. Our OE program will not only help you out but educate your team and save your company time and energy this busy season!

Did You Know?

We both know that flexible spending and health savings accounts play an important role in making healthcare more affordable for employees, but employees don’t always recognize the potential cost savings associated with them. Research shows that employees struggle with basic account knowledge and are asking for education, tools, and support to better understand their value.

76% of U.S. consumers say they are focused on getting the best value for their healthcare dollars, but they don’t know how to do this.

66% of U.S consumers say they don’t know how much they need to save in a given year and rate planning for out-of-pocket costs as the most challenging & stressful aspect of healthcare.

All consumers process information differently; therefore, our open enrollment campaign communicates key messages in various ways, including videos, quizzes, calculators, infographics, blog articles, and glossaries. This helps ensure the campaign is impactful, memorable, and drives results.

We manage everything for you and deploy the email communications directly to your benefit-eligible employees. The only information you need to provide is an email address for all eligible employees (via secure email), your open enrollment deadline, and where you would like us to direct employees to enroll in a flexible spending account.

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