MedcomBridge: Gaining the Advantage

MedcomBridge: Gaining the Advantage

Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing our Health and Welfare Compliance operating system to brokers, clients, and YOU! We are very excited about the interest and enthusiasm The MedcomBridge has received. Medcom strives to be a leader in technology development in our industry, so to tell you more about this platform, this week's blog highlights the first significant advantage of having the MedcomBridge in your Health and Welfare Compliance repertoire:

The Global Inventory Management System

For the first time, many leading employee benefit consulting firms have a systematic way of gauging how they stack up in relation to stated compliance goals across their entire organization. Clearly, several of our leading partners have a lot of work to do; compliance, after all, is a moving target. However, when you have a user-friendly system to track where you stand by producer and/or account manager, you have a line in the sand from which you may improve and grow.

Case Study


One employee benefits partner threw down the challenge of having 100% of their clients with current WRAP and POP Plans and Form 5500 filings withing 24 months. They have made marked progress and their entire team is basking in the glory of really meeting all of the promises made to clients about their focus on compliance!

Now is YOUR Chance!

Our team of compliance specialists is here to help you learn more about the MedcomBridge. We can talk with your team about specifics and give in-person or remote walk-throughs of the system. Reach out to for more information, or give us a call, (904) 596-2289.