Automatically Renew Your Compliance Services

Automatically Renew Your Compliance Services

Have you heard of Medcom’s very own Compliance Portal? If you have, then you already know that it’s a swiss army knife of compliance tools at your fingertips. If you haven’t heard of it, It’s called the Medcom Bridge, or just Bridge if you’re in a hurry. It's a tool built by Medcom for brokers, meant to make the entire process of becoming IRS compliant, and ensuring your client's compliance, that much easier.

How you ask? Well, to learn more about the Bridge, click here.


Deadlines for some IRS compliance documents roll around every year at the same time. These documents should be updated every year to remain compliant. Needless to say, these deadlines are pretty important. Unfortunately, sometimes the dates can slip through the cracks; a Form 5500 deadline can sneak up on you, and you or your client could end up with expensive penalties. What if I told you there is a service that automatically renews the services you have to complete to remain compliant? 


On the Bridge, Medcom recently added a feature that does just that: the Auto-Renew feature. What the feature does is allow Medcom staff to set different services to regenerate every year automatically. If Form 5500s are set to Auto-Renew when the document that you initially ordered gets delivered by our team, the Bridge automatically creates a new order with that same service. Your Medcom compliance account manager can then set a date for that service for the following year and set a reminder for you that the automatically-renewed service is coming up. 

The reminder comes directly from the Bridge, just as the rest of our compliance reminders. Through the Bridge, you can set all types of reminders to appear in your email inbox, like important compliance information or dates. We hope these reminders help you and your clients stress less about deadlines, dates, and potential penalties. 

Anyone with a personalized log-in to the Bridge has access to this feature. If you work with Medcom on compliance and are interested in using this portal, send an email to, and we will set you up with a toolkit and demo to get you started.