All About HIPAA Privacy and Security

Did you know that your self-funded health plan has to be HIPAA compliant???

First thing is first, let’s cover the basics:

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  HIPAA reduces health care fraud and abuse, mandates industry-wide standards for health care information on electronic billing and other processes, and requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information. Stipulated privacy regulations require health care providers, organizations, and their business associates to develop and follow strict procedures that guarantee the security of protected health information (PHI). Confidentiality must be ensured when transferring, receiving, sharing, and storing PHI, including paper documentation, electronic communications, or verbal conversations.

Shew…that’s a lot of information!

HIPAA Privacy and Security is crucial to the success and longevity of your business.  However, there are many regulations and a lot of small print for your company to navigate and follow.  Not only do you have to read and understand all of the rules associated with HIPAA, but your company will also have to develop your own policies and procedures for handling PHI, develop training for those programs, and communicate them clearly with all business associates.

Medcom’s newest division can help! 

HIPAA Privacy & Security Total Solution

Medcom Benefits Solutions tackles the toughest jobs for our clients.  Let us do the detail work and make 2019 a little easier for you and your associates! Contact or (800) 523-7542 for more information about our HIPAA Privacy & Security division.